Hey. Whats up Internet? So I'm Ang...I love architecture, books, animals, and my friends! Can't wait to go to college in a couple months especially cause it's OSU woohoo go BUCKS! My poor boyfriend is a michigan fan, he's just going to have to suck it up. Follow me if you like the same crap and stuff, and yeah... <3

Linnea I thought you would find these interesting, I unearthed them the other day in my closet while we were packing stuff up to move to Joe’s. Doesn’t the Brandon one especially look like him? My mom got my a sketch pad for christmas that i’ve barely used at all, it’s kindof sad. Im thinking I have to start doing that again and writing too. Am i allowed to use tumblr for that?

  1. irish-fiddler said: ARE YOU KIDDING gurrrrl that’s why tumblr exists. Spread the love. These are so cute :)
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